Revega Julia

Children’s doctor of the dental center “Estetika”
Graduated from Vinnitsa National Medical University named after M.I. Pirogov.
Specialization: pediatric dentistry


Main directions:

  • treatment of children from a very early age;
  • prevention + professional hygienic cleaning;
  • treatment of conscious children, in ZAX (nitrous oxide), in medical sleep.

Participant of numerous master classes, courses, seminars.

  • “The treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis of milk teeth. Composite restoration of milk teeth”, Bright dentistry, Vinnitsa
  • “Cofferdam – isolation of the working field”, Hromadska splka Dentists of Ukraine, Odessa
  • “Standard crowns in pediatric dentistry”, Gromadska splka Dentists of Ukraine, Kyiv
  • “Strategy and tactics for the management of post-moulded teeth in children with caries, pulpitis, periodontitis and acute trauma”, Multidisciplinary Dental Educational Center, Kharkiv
  • “I am a child dentist!”, Hromadska spіlka Dentists of Ukraine, Odesa