Moskalenko Danil

Dental endodontist, therapist

Specialist in Microscopic Endodontics and Aesthetic Restoration

Participant in numerous conferences, congresses and practical workshops, such as:

  • “From Endodontics to Restoration. Minimally invasive concept” M. Belograd
  • “Direct Restoration”
  • “Secrets of microinvasive composite restoration. Protocol for the restoration of discolored teeth “V. Bogachuk
  • “Endodontics 1.0. Effectiveness and efficiency”
  • “Endodontics 2.0. Transition to the third dimension»
  • Practical Endodontics by O.Kulygin
  • “6th, 7th, 8th and 10th Congresses of the Ukrainian Endodontic Society”
  • “International Dental Congress Migovo-3. Endodontics vs Implantation»
  • Practical Endodontic Treatment. How biology meets the clinic» D.Ricucci

And also:

  • Organizer of master classes by leading experts of the country in Odessa
  • Author of the theoretical and practical course for doctors “Primary Endodontics”
  • Lecturer of the “ENDO5” program of the educational center “DEC”
  • Member of the Ukrainian Football Medical Association. Player of the Odessa team of doctors in football

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