Dental Center
I am Ivan Volkov,
CEO of the Aesthetics Dental Center, a dentist (therapist, orthopedist, implantologist) with almost 40 years of experience.

When I started my medical career, it was necessary to be a “generalist”.

But in recent years, technologies, methods and treatment protocols in dentistry have made a sharp leap.

The time has come for "narrow" specialists who are fluent in the specialty in their field. This is the team of doctors working in our clinic.

We are not only professionals in our field - we are a team of like-minded people.

Thanks to the consistency and team approach in our work, you get a predicted result of treatment.

I understand that I am fully responsible for every specialist in my clinic, for every decision made by my team, for every result of your treatment.

With my name and my reputation, I guarantee you that we choose for you only the treatment that is aimed at preserving your health.

Sincerely yours, Ivan Volkov


Our team

Call to CEO
+38 (050) 316-93-63

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