Surgical dentistry is a branch of medicine that includes many different manipulations. This is tooth extraction, bone grafting, tooth implantation. Plastics of hard and soft tissues, as well as aesthetic operations in periodontology.

Tooth extraction is a procedure that allows you to get rid of a tooth if conservative treatment is not appropriate or for orthodontic reasons. In our clinic, professional doctors-surgeons are able to help with solving any questions related to tooth extraction and further rehabilitation.

Dental implantation is the use of intraosseous structures that are analogous to tooth roots. The implant is installed in the jaw, and after its implantation and growth with bone tissue, it can be used as a basis for various types of prosthetics, it can be the replacement of one or more teeth. Even with the complete absence of teeth, thanks to implants, it is possible to restore a person’s ability to smile and lead a normal lifestyle. Very often, implantation is associated with plastic surgery of hard or soft tissues. Thanks to the use of modern materials, as well as timely, thorough diagnostics and the professionalism of our doctors, we successfully carry out these manipulations.

Plastic surgery of the frenulum of the tongue or lip should be noted separately. This is a simple procedure that is performed to correct the position of the frenulum, because its incorrect location can lead to problems with the bite and even speech defects.

We also perform gingivoplasty surgery, which is recommended for recession of the gingival margin. The procedure restores the aesthetic qualities of the smile, improves the structural condition of soft tissues, and will also help reduce pain when exposing the necks of the teeth.

Depending on the situation, all manipulations can be performed under general anesthesia or sedation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Установка импланта Straumann – от 24 000 грн.



Всего требуется три этапа.

1й этап – сбор данных, оставление плана лечения и навигационного протокола имплантации;

2й этап – установка имплантов; период приживления имплантов;

3й этап – протезирование.


Противопоказанием к имплантации является наличие онкологического заболевания и прохождение лучевой терапии, а также тяжелая форма сахарного диабета.

Наличие противопоказаний к имплантации определяется в каждом отдельном случае.


По статистике, в 95-97% случаев имплант приживается. В случае редкого попадания в 5-7% исключений, имплант устанавливается повторно через 3-5 месяцев.

Dental implantation in Odessa

The installation of implants in Odessa is the number one alternative for replacing lost teeth.

Implantation in Odessa is a complex type of treatment, because we replace a complex biological system in the human body with a dental implant.

Why choose Aesthetics when choosing an Odessa clinic for implantation?

– We have been working with the installation of implants in Odessa for more than 20 years;
– We are constantly developing in this direction, using new technologies in Odessa;
– our reputation in Odessa is important to us, so we work with the most advanced implant systems, such as Straumann (Switzerland).

How to get a stable and long-term result when installing implants in Odessa?

– in most cases, it is required to increase the volume of the bone and work with soft tissues;
– we plan a surgical intervention of any level of complexity using computed tomography, using surgical templates for implant installation in Odessa, which minimizes the human factor and the likelihood of medical errors during the operation.

What are the stages of dental implantation in Odessa?

1. Data collection, preparation of a treatment plan and a navigation protocol for implantation in Odessa;
2. Installation of implants in Odessa and the period of engraftment of implants;
3. Prosthetics in Odessa

What are the contraindications for dental implantation in Odessa?

A contraindication to implantation in Odessa is the presence of an oncological disease and the passage of radiation therapy, as well as a severe form of diabetes.

Can an implant fail to take root?

According to statistics, in 95-97% of cases, an implant installed in Odessa takes root.
In case of hit in 5-7% of exceptions, the implant is installed again in 3-5 months.

Tooth implantation – cost in Odessa

The cost of installing a Straumann implant in Odessa at the moment is from 22,000 UAH.

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