Children’s dentistry

Children’s dentistry is a special area of medicine. It is very important that the little patient has the best first impressions from visiting the dental office and getting to know the doctor.

Baby teeth play a very important role in the health of the child, in the formation of his speech apparatus. They will hold a place in the jaw for the growth and development of permanent teeth. Therefore, they should be treated on time and very carefully.

We all know that professional oral hygiene is very important. Our specialists will not only make it, but also teach children how to properly brush their teeth at home, recommend toothbrushes and pastes according to the child’s age.

In our clinic, we have the opportunity to provide a full range of services for the treatment of small patients. This is classic restorative dentistry, or tooth restoration with the help of the ICON system at home, when there is practically no mechanical intervention in the hard tissues of the tooth.

It is important to prevent damage to the root canals of teeth in childhood. But, if this has already happened, then the treatment will take place at a high level, with compliance with all modern standards. This can also be said about surgical interventions that are necessary for the normal development of tooth rows, or are orthodontically justified.

It should be noted separately that, if necessary, small patients can receive treatment “in their sleep”. It can be general anesthesia, sedation or nitrous oxide. Modern equipment and professional anesthesiologists are at their service.

Specialists in these procedures:

Volkov Ivan

Frequently Asked Questions

Реставрация молочного зуба - от 1400 грн

Лечение корневых каналов у ребенка – от 1000 грн

Удаление молочного зуба – от 560 грн

Седация (медицинский сон) – от 2400 грн за час

На первый осмотр ребенка можно и нужно приводить с момента прорезывания зубов (6 месяцев). Первичный осмотр крайне важен! На осмотре доктор может выявить раннюю патологию развития прикуса или наличие вредных привычек у ребенка, которые пагубно влияют на здоровье зубов.


  1. Объяснить родителям о вреде некоторых привычек у ребенка – сосания пальца и соски, ротового дыхания;
  2. Научить, как с этими привычками справляться;
  3. Выявить предпосылки к проблемам (если они есть) и отправить к смежным специалистам – ЛОР, ортодонт, логопед (если есть необходимость);
  4. Обучить гигиене. Ответственность за гигиену ребенка несут родители до 10-ти лет.

Мы рекомендуем:

  • контрольный осмотр у детского стоматолога каждые 3-6 месяцев;
  • контрольный осмотр у ортодонта 1 раз в год;
  • профессиональную гигиену зубов каждые 6 месяцев.

Есть заблуждение, что раз молочные зубы выпадут, то лечить их не обязательно.

Это в корне неверно! Ведь инфекция с молочного зуба может перейти на зачаток постоянного, и последствия могут быть самыми разными. К тому же наличие хронической инфекции во рту пагубно влияет на общий иммунитет и здоровье ребенка.

А раннее удаление молочного зуба в дальнейшем приводит к нарушению прорезывания и смыкания постоянных зубов. Это влечет за собой необходимость ортодонтического лечения, требующего много времени, сил и финансов.

Первую консультацию у ортодонта необходимо провести в 3-6 лет. Если есть тенденция к формированию неправильного смыкания зубов, то ортодонтическое лечение нужно начинать в сменном прикусе, когда есть и молочные, и постоянные зубы.

В сложных ситуациях мы рекомендуем лечение под общим обезболиванием («медицинский сон»).

Это абсолютно безопасно и позволяет провести максимально качественно этапы всех видов лечения за одно посещение и избавить ребенка от психологического стресса.

Возрастных ограничений по выполнению общей анестезии не существует. В стоматологическом центре "Эстетика" мы выполняем детям общий наркоз севофлураном (севоран) от момента выявления необходимости лечить зубы под наркозом, т.е., с 3 - 4 лет.

Самому маленькому нашему пациенту был 1 год и 8 месяцев.


Children’s dentistry in Odessa

If you are a caring parent and are fully responsible for the health of your child, then you are probably looking for a good pediatric dentistry in Odessa.

Regular visits to pediatric dentistry in Odessa are necessary to prevent pain or correct the position of the teeth.

The first visit to a pediatric dentist in Odessa is necessary for a child from six months old.

The initial examination of a child by a pediatric dentist in Odessa is extremely important!

On examination, a pediatric dentist in Odessa can reveal an early pathology of bite development or the presence of bad habits in a child that affect the correct formation of teeth.

It is necessary to prepare the child for visiting pediatric dentistry in Odessa:

  1. avoid the words “hurt”, “prick” and so on
  2. don’t focus too much on visiting a pediatric dentist in Odessa
  3. Do not deceive the child that the children’s doctor will not do anything. It is good to use the words “the doctor will look”, “the doctor will cure”
  4. Do not bring your child to the pediatric dentist in Odessa hungry or tired.
  5. promise a child a surprise after a visit to a pediatric dentist in Odessa and by all means fulfill the promise.

Why do parents in Odessa choose pediatric dentistry at the Estetika clinic?

  1. Our pediatric dentists approach the treatment of small patients in Odessa with great responsibility and care
  2. Our pediatric dentistry practices the treatment of children in Odessa without tears, fear and retention
  3. Children’s dentistry in Aesthetics provides an opportunity to treat a child in Odessa under general anesthesia (medical sleep).

The use of medical sleep in pediatric dentistry in Odessa minimizes discomfort and eliminates the psychological trauma of the child.

Medical sleep in pediatric dentistry in Odessa is necessary in cases where:

– the child has a large number of damaged teeth;
– it is difficult for a pediatric dentist in Odessa to find contact with a child;
– due to allergies, local anesthesia is not possible

What is the task of a doctor in pediatric dentistry at the Aesthetica clinic in Odessa?

– explain to parents the harm of the child’s mouth breathing, thumb sucking or nipples;
– teach parents to cope with these habits;
– identify the prerequisites for problems and send them to related specialists
– teach hygiene

Children’s dentists in Odessa recommend:

– come for a follow-up examination in pediatric dentistry in Odessa every 3-6 months
– control examination of a child by an orthodontist in Odessa once a year;
– attend professional oral hygiene in Odessa every 6 months;

Why does a child need milk teeth treatment in Odessa?

1. an infection from a milk tooth can pass to the germ of a permanent one;
2. the presence of a chronic infection in the mouth adversely affects the health of the child;
3. earlier removal of milk teeth leads to disruption of eruption and closure of permanent teeth. Therefore, pediatric dentists in Odessa recommend not to remove, but to treat milk teeth.

How to cure a child’s teeth in Odessa without tears and stress in dentistry?

In difficult situations, pediatric dentists in Odessa recommend medical sleep.

Medical sleep in Odessa is absolutely safe and allows for high-quality treatment of a child in one visit to pediatric dentistry.
At the Dental Aesthetics Center in Odessa, pediatric dentists perform general anesthesia with sevoflurane.
There are no age restrictions for performing general anesthesia in pediatric dentistry in Odessa.
The cost of children’s sedation in Odessa starts from 1820 UAH per hour.

Children’s dentistry – prices in Odessa:

The cost of a pediatric dentist in Odessa depends on the type and number of procedures performed, as well as on the individual situation in the mouth of a small patient:

Milk tooth restoration – from 700 UAH
Root canal treatment – from 675 UAH
Removal of a milk tooth – from 560 UAH

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