Stepanichenko Dina

Graduated from Odesa National Medical University in 2019.

Specialization: orthodontic treatment of adults and children, orthodontic preparation of patients before orthopedic treatment, implantation

Completed a full basic course in orthodontics at the Korean Orthodontic Research Institute “Ortomedina” educational center in Ukraine. (from June 2020 to February 2022)

Digital Orthodontics Conference (2021)

Orthomedin “Typodont course class II/2 without extraction” (2021)

Ortomedina “Typodont course Class I bimaxillary protrusion with removal of 4/4” (2021)

Nazrulaev Bakhrom “Orthodontic treatment in variable bite” (2021)

Nazrulayev Bahrom “Tweed course” (2021)

Klyovanets A. “Protocols of diagnosis and conducting an interdisciplinary appointment in dentistry” (2020)

Svintsytskyi B. “The arch as an integral part of the bracket system” (2019)

Solomiychuk Ya. “Photography in dentistry” (2019)

Khusanov Zafar “Diagnostics in Orthodontics” (2019)

Participant of the conference of the Ukrainian Academy of Periodontology (2017)

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