Tkatch Anastasia

In 2010, she received a diploma from the Odesa Medical School, majoring in “Dental Technician”

In 2015, she received a diploma from Odessa National Medical University

Specialization: therapeutic dentistry, children’s dentistry.

The doctor works with children and adults.

Main directions: aesthetic restoration of milk and permanent teeth, canal treatment of milk and permanent teeth.

Systematic professional development, participation in international conferences, trainings, master classes. In his practice, he actively uses a microscope, oxygen oxide, and anesthesia. He has the skills to treat “special children”.


– course by Olga Boichuk: “Concept of children’s stomatological reception Treatment of milk teeth” in the educational center “Dental studio”

– training on the basis of the educational center “Apolonia” under the leadership of Sergey Radlinsky on the topic: “Single-layer and multi-layer technique of direct restoration”

– children’s study center of Pediatric Dentistry Education, Oleg Tsky’s course: “Standard crowns in children’s dentistry”

-course of specialist in microscopic endodontics Igor Noenko “Primary endodontics Instrumental treatment of root canals”

– participation in the symposium of the Ukrainian Endodontic Association

– the course of the world’s leading endodontist Domenico Rycucci on the topic: “Complex bacterial film, vital pulp therapy”

– the course of professor of restorative dentistry Camillo D’Arcangelot “Aesthetic restoration of the frontal group of teeth”; “Esthetic restoration of the lateral Group of teeth”.

– the course of Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the University of Geneva (Switzerland) Didier Dychy: “Direct technique of restoration of frontal teeth” “Direct technique of restoration for worn lateral teeth”

– training at the Dental Education Clinic under the leadership of Andrey Polovinshchikov on the topic: “Primary endodontics under a microscope”

– training at the Dental Education Clinic under the guidance of Andrey Polovinshchikov on the topic: “Repeated endodontic treatment under a microscope.”

– the course of the lecturer of the Ukrainian Academy of Children’s Dentistry, Tatyana Peshko: “Behavior management in children’s dentistry – pharmacological and non-pharmacological”.

– the course of Olga Gulenko, associate professor of the department of surgery: “Local anesthesia in children’s dentistry.”

– the course of the leading dentist, endodontist-microscopist, of the Israel University, Mikhail Solomonov, on the topic: “Retreatment. Clinical solutions and methods”

-buyer James Gutmann “Preservation of pulp: a science-based approach”

– Domenico Ricucci course “Endodontic treatment of teeth with extensive periapical pathology”.

-Yoshi Terauchi’s course “Simple methods of finding and removing broken endodontic instruments”

– Mikhail Solomonov’s course “MB2 in the life of an endodontist”

– author’s course by Olga Boichuk “Zen in pediatric dentistry

– cycle webinars on children’s dentistry, doctor Ekaterina Geranina. Topic: “Treatment or prevention of milk teeth?” “Important aspects of preparation for children’s reception.”

– Vladimir Malchenko’s course “Direct restoration of chewing teeth”.

2023 – webinar by Daria Tolkacheva on the topic: Treatment of damaged enamel in pediatric dentistry.

2023 Daria Tolkacheva’s webinar on the topic – “COPD in children. Diagnostics and treatment protocols”

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