Volkov Dmitry

Medical Director

Graduated from Odessa National Medical University;

Specialization: therapeutic dentistry;

Main directions: aesthetic restoration of teeth, root canal treatment;

Participant of seminars and workshops:

  • “Reinventing the Functional Powers of Chewing Teeth with Perfected Aesthetic Powers”, GC Odessa
  • “Modern biometic method of creating aesthetic restorations”, GC Odessa
  • “Current Endodontic Excellence”, Fenestra Kiev
  • “Fundamentals of modern endodontics”, Fenestra Kyiv
  • “Endodontics by the rules: subtleties and secrets”, Maxim Belograd Odessa
  • “Restorative hands-on training “In recognition of their commitment to continuing educational development for better dentistry”, Odessa
  • “Effective use of hand tools in professional hygiene and non-surgical periodontology”, Tracey Lenneman, Kyiv
  • “Complex examination of the maxillofacial region”, Odessa
  • “Optimization of medical care for HIV-infected people”, Bavarian House, Odessa
  • “Endodontic retreatment by using new technologies, Dentsply, Odessa
  • “Actual endodontic care by using new technologies. Initial treatment”, Dentsply, Odessa

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