Ceramic tabs or fillings?

Керамические вкладки на зубы или traditional fillings, what to choose?

Let’s figure it out!

Ceramic inlays are a type of microprosthesis, and the best alternative to fillings.

Seals are plastic in their structure, and plastic has many disadvantages:

  • abrasion, so the seals are unstable in shape;
  • absorbing dyes, so they are unstable in color;
  • And most importantly – plastic has a micro-shrinkage.

This means that over time, a gap inevitably forms between the filling and the tooth, into which the infection enters and caries forms.

Therefore, the seals need to be changed every two or three years!

Ceramics do not have such shortcomings.

This material is stable in shape and color, over the years it does not change its volume – the gap between the ceramic and the tooth does not appear.

This place is always a perfect fit, so there are no secondary processes – no caries or plaque.

Plus ceramics are not painted, that is, the color will be stable over the years.

In fact, in 10 years the ceramic tab will look the same as on the day of installation, which is not the case with the seal.

Let’s summarize the pros of ceramics:

  • stability
  • Effective and long-term treatment for patients who choose quality.

The only downside is the price.

This work is two to three times more expensive than a regular seal.

But if you distribute the price by years of service of ceramics – it is more profitable, because it is not subject to planned replacement.

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