How are men’s teeth different from women’s?

It turns out you can set the gender of the person.

How do the teeth of people of different sexes differ?

The main anthropometric indicators, thanks to which you can distinguish a male smile from a female one.

  • Tooth shape
  • Teeth shade
  • Teeth position
  • Parameters and size of the jaw

A competent dentist will always determine whether the patient is a man or a woman, even by a cast of teeth.

Of course, in view of the fact that now the world dentistry has achieved high results, you can change the color and size and shape of the teeth in case something does not suit you, or if you want a lighter shade of teeth. However, such a biological parameter as the jaw, if they change, then in rare cases.

Stomatology “Estetika” in the city of Odessa offers the following services:

  • Correct bite
  • Align teeth 
  • Build up worn teeth with ceramic crowns
  • Get a professional teeth cleaning
  • Ennoble teeth with veneers 
  • Hide gaps between teeth
  • Repair damaged enamel

All dental services are available at the Aesthetics dental center in Odessa. 

A harmonious smile is not only beautiful and aesthetic, it is also a healthy functioning of the dentition, as well as prolonging the life of natural teeth.

“Aesthetics” – the path to a perfect smile



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