Is coffee bad for teeth?

Most people enjoy a refreshing drink , admiring the cozy aroma and bitter taste, unaware that a long-term habit can be the cause of yellowed teeth. 

After all, natural coffee contains essential oils, which settle not only on the tooth enamel, but also on the gum neck, creating a dark halo where a large number of pathogens accumulate.

In addition, excessive coffee consumption affects the metabolism of calcium, washing it out of the body, and making the teeth fragile and vulnerable, however, bones also become a risk zone. 

Coffee also works as a diuretic, flushing out micro and macro elements from the body, which simply do not have time to be absorbed due to frequent dehydration. And the condition of the teeth is always an indicator of our immunity and past diseases of the body.

In other words, if the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then the teeth are the mirror of the human body as a whole.

There are those who like to combine coffee with a cigarette, which further aggravates the condition of the teeth.

How to protect your teeth from the negative effects of coffee?

  • Do not overuse. Maximum two cups a day, and then, with a healthy heart. Coffee is generally contraindicated for pregnant women.
  • After drinking a cup of coffee, drink half a glass of water, rinsing your mouth thoroughly, or better, brush your teeth with toothpaste.
  • Do not drink coffee too hot
  • Don’t drink coffee with ice cream. From the temperature difference, the teeth become fragile and vulnerable.
  • Remove artificial (instant) coffee altogether. It’s scary to even imagine what’s mixed in there
  • Professional teeth cleaning every six months. Teeth whitening and cleaning at the dentist will extend the life of natural teeth.

Drink coffee, but also take care of your teeth. 


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