Sleep dentistry. Sedation

Some people have this that fear of dental procedures leads to stress and panic attacks, heart rate and blood pressure can rise. Despite the fact that the person has not even made an appointment yet, so he just thought about the upcoming test. 

But today, modern dentistry can offer a safe way of mechanical impact on the psyche, namely, sedation, or the so-called “sleep treatment”, during which you calm down, the muscles relax, the breathing rate normalizes. The entire stage of the procedure is controlled by an anesthesiologist who monitors your condition according to the monitor screen.

Indications for sedation:

  • Treatment of several teeth in one session
  • Complexity of the operation
  • Dentophobia
  • Gag reflex during dental procedures

Contraindications for dental treatment “in sleep”:

  • Nosal breathing problems
  • Diseases of ENT organs
  • Exacerbations of chronic diseases
  • Increased intracranial pressure
  • Weakened immunity

How is the treatment of teeth “in a dream” carried out?

Through a mask through which you inhale nitrous oxide, dental treatment is as calm, comfortable and effective as possible. The gas is quickly excreted from the body, there are no side effects.

Nitrous oxide does not cause allergies or respiratory irritation. Superficial sedation can be indicated for both adults and children.

Treatment “in sleep” (sedation, drug sleep) is not anesthesia, in which all the receptors of your body are temporarily turned off and you fall asleep soundly.

During the “sleep” treatment, you are conscious, you can hear, see, react, feel touch, but without pain and stress.

Sedation does not cancel local anesthesia, the injection will have to be patient.

There is also such a service as intravenous sedation. In certain cases, with multiple damage to the teeth, deeper sedation is required.

The method is determined by the attending dentist after diagnosis and determination of individual parameters, possible health problems, body reactions and patient preferences.


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