The main causes of caries

Caries risk appears more frequently only the so-called sweet tooth, because sugar, cookies, sweets, chocolate, carbonated drinks are the main causative agents of caries.

You also need to remember about the acids that are found in juices and the same carbonated drinks, and acids injure tooth enamel, making it vulnerable, porous and thin, which leads to sensitivity and damage to the tooth as a whole.

To keep your teeth healthy, white and beautiful, review your diet, add more vegetables and fruits, herbs and seeds, calcium-containing cereals, which not only strengthens teeth, but also heals the whole body.

Be sure to maintain oral hygiene, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after each use of food, tea, coffee.

And also remember, if the tooth does not hurt, this does not guarantee its health and integrity. After all, a toothache begins when it is already too late. In the case of advanced caries, voids form, caries reaches the nerve endings and it is often necessary to remove the nerve. To avoid this, visit the dentist at least twice a year.

Treatment of caries is possible, but it is better not to bring it to this.

Dentistry in Odessa “Estetika” offers a wide range of services. Come for regular check-ups with our dental specialists to prevent caries and other diseases of the teeth and gums.


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